I wanted to get a photo of the Liverpool skyline with the Liverpool One wheel in it before it was taken down but only managed to get over to the Wirral on Friday night when it was very windy and the river was very choppy, so no nice reflections and I couldn’t get an angle to get the wheel without a building in front.

There’s going to be a new wheel in front of the Echo Arena but I think it’s a real shame that the Liverpool One wheel couldn’t have stayed where it was – it was a real attention grabber, a talking point and gave Chavasse Park some purpose.  The site in front of the arena is only going to afford a good view of, well, the Arena and the Albert Docks.  Interesting if you’ve only come to see a concert and have 15 minutes to spare but it’s not showing the city off in the best possible way  (having said that, if they build it side on in front of the Arena it’ll be a lot easier to see from the Wirral…:)