Last one of the long exposures of the ferry terminal  – I like the look this technique brings to a photo, I’m interested in trying it with a film camera.

Incidentally, whilst trying to find more information about the ferry terminal, I found this article on the Architects Journal website then purely by chance a Twitter contact tweeted a blog post about the same article and building – all with mostly negative comments about the building, which I find odd.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time down at the waterfront since it’s been redeveloped and talked to a fair few people about it and the reaction has mostly been favourable.  It’s been suggested that any positive reaction is due to it replacing another eyesore (in the shape of the Shanghai Palace restaurant, pictured here) – maybe it is but only time will tell…some of the new buildings at Mann Island appear to be nearing completion, it’ll be very interesting to see the reaction to those once finished.