First in a series of old versus new shots featuring the new buildings at Mann Island on the Liverpool waterfront.

On the left hand side is the Latitude building, one of the new constructions and on the right is the Port of Liverpool building.

The new buildings have proved to be controversial to say the least – the waterfront has UNESCO World Heritage site status – local Liverpool gadabouts SevenStreets have mocked up a slideshow showing how the Mann Island development would look dumped in front of sites conferred similar status and provoked quite strong positive and negative comments about the new buildings.

Personally, I think that how these buildings are utilised will help or hinder them ‘settling in’ to the waterfront – if the buildings are full of people and life then hopefully they’ll help to connect the waterfront together (the waterfront walk from the Pier Head to the Albert Dock was shut for far too long to accomodate the new buildings).  However, if they remain empty with the offices and apartments bought as investment opportunities only then I worry about them becoming a rattly white elephant.  Only time will tell I suppose.