Some street photography from Manchester – I was after a photographic change of scene and I did well with the light and the weather, lots of sunshine and blue skies. For the image above, I noticed the arches quite early on in the day but had to wait for the right light. I got lucky with the timing of both the reflection and the person at the end of the row. I’ve got a couple more posts worth of shots – productive day out!

The sun was bouncing light off the building behind these women, giving a really weird light. Loved the shadows it was creating.

Padlock with Nuestro Amor Sera Leyenda - 'our love with be legend"

Padlocked to a bridge – Nuestro Amor Sera Leyenda – ‘our love with be legend’


This couple were having a look at some demolition work going on – not sure what the building getting knocked down was but it generating a lot of attention…


Been a while since I’ve done a good puddle shot… 🙂


Loitering in pub alleyways – not for the first time, has to be said…


Chinatown – more to follow from here…