A little late (just for a change) but it’s a nice way to see the old year off, posting one from this year. This is Mayville Street off Allerton Road with the setting winter sun behind it, taken on a walk on Monday 2nd.

2011 was a bit quiet photographically speaking, although I definitely still had some highlights – my trip to Hungary in the summer gave me my favourite shot of the year, The View From The Citadel as a thunderstorm made it’s way across Budapest and also a series of photos from a Russian Army graveyard. A little closer to home, my shot of the UKD Orca operating off the Mersey shoreline lead to the shipbuilders getting into touch to buy a licence for the photo. The new buildings at Mann Island finally opened up enough to allow photos to be taken and my favourite spot for graffiti had some brilliant new additions.

Quite a varied year then all in all but as always, a lot of fun.  I can’t believe how fast it flew past!  I’ve got lots of big plans but 2012, now (as always) I just need to find time to implement some of them!

Happy New Year everyone! 😀