I recently had the opportunity to tour the southwest corner of Ireland, Kerry and the surrounding areas, starting here at the Gap of Dunloe, just outside Killarney.

View towards the lake, Gap of Dunloe, Kerry

It’s a bit of a departure for me this – I don’t normally do landscape photography (with the odd exception or two) so this is something a bit different at least.

Walkers near lake, Gap of Dunloe, Kerry

Impressively though, despite trying for landscape photos, I still managed to find some urban decay on the side of a mountain…

Abandoned cottage, Gap of Dunloe, Kerry

Seems like a hell of a waste, these cottages being empty with the view they have but I suppose there must be a reason they’re abandoned.

I’ve travelled to Kerry before, when I was much younger and don’t remember the climb being so steep or the scenery being as spectacular (or the weather so changeable).

View back towards the lake, Gap of Dunloe, Kerry

More to follow from Kerry. It’s an absolutely stunning part of the world, if you ever get the chance to visit, make sure you do!