Been a while since I’ve posted anything so I’m back with something of a mega-post!

Edinburgh is a fantastic place to photograph – the two distinct sides of the Old and the New Town, with Waverley running through the middle as a valley. Couple the variety and beauty of the architecture and the generally hilly nature of the town and what you get is some tremendous variation of light and shadow, hopefully captured here.

These photos were taken at the start of July – absolutely baking heat that made it uncomfortable to walk around (great shadow in the pub, I found) but made for some stunning light.

I’ve been to Edinburgh before but the weather has been terribly ‘dreich‘, i.e. cold, dark and wet, so I’ve never been lucky enough to see the city like this. This also led to a conscious choice to avoid black and white – nice to post in colour sometimes, especially with clear, blue skies.

The Grassmarket, above, is a perfect example of the bewildering nature of the city – a few seconds walk from the Royal Mile, it’s like a huge chunk has been gouged out of the city and someone decided to put all these stunning buildings there.

Standard McGowan reflection shot…love me a wheelie bin.

I’m between roles at the moment but I’m seriously considering retraining to be a bubble man. Bringing joy to the masses, all day, every day…I could get used to that 🙂




I’m working on posts for Berlin, Dublin, Snowdonia and the Lakes, amongst others. Lots to catch up on!