The Duke of Lancaster is somewhere I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.

When Two World's Meet It's A Culture Clash - Dale Grimshaw

It’s a graffiti covered ship on the North Wales coast, run by DuDug – their ultimate aim is to open the ship up as Europe’s biggest open air art gallery.

Graffiti from various artists - DANK, Spacehop,

Duke of Lancaster - DuDug

It’s not possible to get close to the ship as it’s fenced off but you can shoot it from a footpath that runs around either side.

Council of Monkeys - Goin

Mr Zero and Fatheat - The Prophet of Profit

Definitely something worth visiting if you’re in the Talacre area!

Duke of Lancaster - DuDug

Graffiti from various artists including Dale Grimshaw, Bungle and Fathead