I found this bit of graffiti on the side of the former Scandinavian Hotel at the top of Duke Street – as far as I can make out, it seems to be some sort of Cuban penal code?  Very odd thing to decide to graffiti – if anyone can shed any light on it I’d appreciate it? Answers on a postcard to enquiries@formidablephotography.com or Twitter  – thanks!

EDIT:  Thanks to my Flickr contact .annajane I’ve got a translation for the above – much better than anything I could find!

Crimes against public order.
Chapter 1.
Public Disorder
Article 200.
1. He who, in public places, events or large meetings, raises the alarm of fire, utters threats of a common danger or performs any other act with the intent to cause panic or riot will be punished by imprisonment from three months to a year, or a fine of one hundred to three hundred cuotas, or both.

2. If, in carrying out this act, a weapon or explosives of any kind is used, the penalty of imprisonment is of one to three years.

Article 201.
He who provokes fights or altercations in public establishments, public transport, social clubs, events, public or family parties or other events that bring together many people, will be punished by imprisonment of three months to one year or a fine of one hundred to three hundred cuotas, or both.

Chapter 2.
Instigation of crime.
Article 202.
1. He who, other than those referred to in subparagrah c)…