We don’t often get ‘proper’ snow here in Liverpool – I don’t know if it’s because we’re close to the coast but snow has a tendency to pass us by or if it does snow, it’s a little bit half-hearted and turns to slush quite quickly.  I was in a restaurant for most of last night and could see some snow falling from where we were sat but hadn’t realised how much until I got outside.  When I realised it was coming down and sticking, I went home and grabbed my camera and the Nikon 35mm 1.8 I’ve been banging on about so much and headed out for a quick walk around the neighbourhood.

Lampost illuminating trees and road, black and white - Allerton, Liverpool

Cars creeping through heavy snow, black and white - Menlove Avenue, Liverpool

The 35mm is really perfect for these kinds of low light shots. The snow was properly coming down as you can see in the lights of the shots above and below so these are really snapshots as I wasn’t really that keen on testing the sealing on my camera.

Vintage lampost in snow, black and white - Allerton, Liverpool

This house is around the corner from us – the people that live there put the fairy lights up in the ivy around their door  at Christmas and they seem to have decided to leave them up.  They looked lovely in the snow.

Woman walking past house with fairy lights, black and white, Allerton - Liverpool

There was still plenty of people about despite the fact it was nigh on a blizzard.  Tons of people out voluntarily (in the bars on Allerton Road) and those with no choice, walking the dog or community supporting.

Black and white image of couple with large umbrella walking in snow - Allerton Road, Liverpool

Man walking dog in snow, black and white - Green Lane, Liverpool

Police community support officers walking down Allerton Road in snow, Liverpool

These shots are all processed in black and white because I think night snow shots suit black and white and some of the old fashioned streetlights around here give everything in the snow an orange glow that doesn’t look that great, even corrected.

Woman waiting at bus stop in snow, black and white, Green Lane - Liverpool

Black and white detail of gate and shadow in snow

This shot needed to be colour though – a flower poking through the snow.

Flower poking through snow, Allerton Road, Liverpool

The snow is already mostly gone and it’s due to be double figures warm in the week so I’m glad I managed to get out when I did and grab these shots.