As the country (well, some of it) is engulfed in SNOW CHAOS once more, I thought I’d post what are hopefully my last snow photos of the year.Ring Road sign in snow, Liverpool

These were taken on a snowy day in January.

Postbox in snow, LiverpoolI like to think this man was off to donate blood – maybe very nearly an armful?

Tony Hancock in snow, Allerton Road, Liverpool


I always feel compelled to get out with my camera when it snows – it’s often a fleeting appearance.

Car dashing through snow, Liverpool

And so it proved here – the snow had already started turning to rain by the time I decided I’d had enough.

Railings in snow, Allerton Road, Liverpool

Penny Lane Wine Bar sign in snow, Liverpool

Hopefully spring is around the corner – as much as I love snow, a bit of sunshine wouldn’t go amiss.

Women under umbrella, Allerton Road, Liverpool